A Quick Go-To Lunch: Smoked Salmon Toast

Nancy Sparkles Smoked Salmon

A few weeks ago, I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle and the occasional weekly workouts. At this point, I’ve made smarter choices in what I eat and I started working out 2-3 times a week at our condo’s gym. The reason why I’m not on a strict diet and not attending any bootcamp-type classes is because I know myself best. By doing these things in the past, it was always easier for me to just quit or get too lax with binging thinking I worked hard so let me reward myself even harder. I’m now trying this new method that involves the slowest of baby steps, but 1000x more effective. Instead of buying lunch, I stick to prepped meals and we try to keep the snack section of our pantry as fully-stocked as possible. The biggest focus I have now are alternatives. Instead of munching on chips in between meals, I make my own fruit and nut bowl because the last thing I want is a single piece of string cheese considering my stomach was trying to tell me that I was hungry and not simply “craving” something. I’m also steering away from buying lunches and trying out new “quick” recipes that I can make in my kitchen when I go home for lunch everyday. One of my favorite go-to’s lately has been Smoked Salmon Toast.

In under 5-10 minutes and just 5 ingredients, you’ll have a delicious and filling lunch that tastes as fabulous as it looks. Here are the ingredients:

  • Cream Cheese
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Half a lime
  • Pepper

If you’re wondering where to get smoked salmon from, any grocery store with a seafood section typically already has pre-packaged smoked salmon. My mom actually got this salmon from Spec’s (I know, so random) and it was incredibly delicious! 

Before anything, you want to toast the bread at the second to lowest setting. You can definitely have it more toasted, but I’m not the biggest fan of bread crumb messiness and I personally just like the texture of slightly toasted bread anyways. While that’s going on, I tear the salmon apart with my fingers into thin or small bulky slices without the skin. Because smoked salmon is so tender, I’ve found that using my fingers gives me a lot more control and it prevents a shredded mess that you would get from a knife. Once you’re done picking the salmon apart, the bread should be done toasting. Add a very light layer of cream cheese, enough to taste but not so much that it’ll overpower the taste of the salmon and lime. Once lightly smeared, just place the salmon on top, squirt some lime juice on it, sprinkle some pepper and you’re good to go! Super easy huh? It’s now one of my favorites lunches and I’m tempted to keep buying smoked salmon to try other lunch and dinner recipes similar to this one!

As a seafood lover, fish has always been my prime source of low-calorie protein and I always choose it over chicken. If you have other seafood suggestions for a quick lunch or have some yummy recipes to share, let me know below! ✨


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    1. Yeah basically! Except, it is smoked salmon and I’m using whole wheat bread to cut out some of the carbs that are loaded in bagels. ?

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