A Sparkly Gift Guide: for the Holiday Hostess

A Sparkly Gift Guide: for the Holiday Hostess

As you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy with preparing for the big move to Austin! During this rushed madness, I’ve also started buying Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I’m back today with another Sparkly Gift Guide tailored uniquely for the Holiday Hostess!  Not going to lie, being a home decor snob, I would keep some of these gifts for myself haha! From cheeky champagne flutes to a cozy pom pom throw blanket, I rounded up some of the most thoughtful gifts to bring to your next holiday party!

A Sparkly Gift Guide: for the Holiday Hostess 2


  1. I’ve seen these super cute selfie vases all over home decor blogs and instagram accounts that I just had to add them to this guide. I may actually snag this little baby up before I move to add one more succulent to our new home!
  2. No home ever has enough ultra-soft and cozy blankets. I have a few in my own place and can honestly say that they are seriously a treat for your guests when they come over for movie nights or just to chill.
  3. How freaking cute is this chic pastel knife block?! I usually like to keep my kitchen countertops bare, but I love keeping statement kitchen tools out to give it a more homey look.
  4. If you know anything about me, you know I’m all about finding dupes. I especially love finding home decor dupes because how big the savings are. Jonathan Adler has a very similar barware set that’s $200, but I found a close replica from Target that’s just under $25! Now tell me that that’s not the most satisfying steal you’ve found this Christmas season 😉
  5. Sometimes I wish that I could just stick a candle in every single room of my apartment because I just love how cozy they are and how good they smell. One room that I just wish I could stick one into, but can’t because of fire hazards is my closet. This Diptyque scented pendant is the perfect solution to make small spaces smell beautifully without the worry of a candle.
  6. Make your hostess’ future parties much easier by gifting her this chic copper hammered beverage holder that’s perfect for keeping beers and wines chilled all night long! It’s currently on sale so don’t wait too long to snatch this baby up!
  7. I actually have this book and love having it as one of my main coffee table books. It’s fun to flip through and guests always compliment how cute it looks. If you have a Kate Spade fan in your family or circle of friends, this is definitely the gift made for them.
  8. I’ve always been a fan of keeping some sort of natural rock or gem in the living area. There’s just something about nature’s beauty that makes spaces feel more serene. I’ve always been a fan of geodes, so naturally agates and amethysts are my go-to stones for my home. These beautiful gold-rim agate coasters are the perfect gift for new homes that need some of nature’s touch with an edge of glam.
  9. As I mentioned before, I am a huge fan of how cozy candles are. I loved this one because it could still serve as a statement piece once the wick is burned through and it’s completely cleaned out. Also, it’s smell like Prosecco soooo….
  10. And finally, I completely fell head over heels for these cheeky champagne flutes! As an avid mimosa drinker, this is exactly how I like mine and I would like for the world (or my guests) to know every time they pour my glass. It’s fun, cute and the perfect gift for the cocktail aficionado hostess.


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