Anniversary at Harold’s in the Heights + Quick Life Update

Brunch at Harold's

Oh, how I missed this. Putting my fingers to a keyboard knowing that I’m about to write things that I love and that truly make me happy outside of my job. While my job is a huge part of my life, this past month I took some time to reflect that I needed to realize that it wasn’t my entire life. I get to come home to a wonderful boyfriend, my cute little corgi and to a home that is literally down the street and in the heart of Houston. Lately everything was fogged and my tunnel vision of keeping my job my number one priority secluded me from even thinking that I had the time to write here. I did have the time, but I didn’t find the motivation to “put a pen to paper” and let it all out. I had to remind myself that while I am lucky to have the job that I have, I should still appreciate the other aspects of my life.

Why was I zoning myself out of doing things that made me happy? Truly, who knows? Maybe I felt overwhelmed or like I couldn’t find the motivation to execute all of the ideas that I had. Despite my recent rut, I have a full folder of ideas and next step notes that I’ll be implementing and posting these next few weeks. If you’re a blogger, how do you deal with ruts like these?  How do you muster the strength to even get out of it? It took me a few days along with a few glasses of wine and self-reflecting talks with the boyfriend, but if you have any other ideas please feel free to share!

On a way lighter and less emotional note, a few weeks ago Carlos and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Yes 5 years of a crazy, loving relationship that probably no one gets but us. We’ve fought, we’ve loved and we’ve made some amazing memories. We pushed through 3 years of being long distance, moving in together, expanding our little family with getting a corgi and living through life’s best and worst moments as young adults in their early 20’s. We’re still figuring things out as we get older, but I’m grateful to have him by my side through all of these transitions.

Harolds_Nancy Sparkles_5

Our anniversary fell on a Sunday, which meant that as usual, we would be spending the evening with my family for our weekly Game of Thrones watch party. With that, we decided to have an Anniversary Brunch instead. After some hours of research, we discovered Harolds! I had recently read an article specifically about their brunch menu and the photos were enough to convince me right away.

When we first got there, we had a little trouble finding parking, but thankfully we found street parking a block away. When we first walked inside, we were welcomed with the smell of freshly made pizza. Little did I know that Harold’s was actually upstairs in the same building as Alli’s Pizzaria. Once we made our way to the top, we were quickly sat down and with a celebratory state-of-mind, decided to start the meal off with a carafe of mimosas. Looking through the Brunch menu was mouth watering,  every single thing screamed “EAT ME, NOW!” My boyfriend and I have a pretty similar taste palate, so we decided to split the “Big Nasty Biscuit”. Staying true to my Texas roots, this dish called my name because of my deep love for biscuits and gravy. A true southern classic that never disappoints no matter where I go. As I expected, the Big Nasty Biscuit was anything BUT nasty. The chicken was lightly breaded which gave it a nice little crunch that didn’t overwhelm the actual taste of the chicken. I’m not sure what it was, but the chicken itself was exploding with flavors. The biscuits were probably my favorite part because they were actually homemade! No shortcuts here folks, they were truly as fluffy and delicious as it gets. The gravy was a nice topping as it warmed up the overall dish and gave it a nice little cheddar kick that I never thought I needed until now.

Harolds_Nancy Sparkles_3

After a few glasses of mimosas (which were slightly potent, but not enough to make you call an Uber assuming you’ll have two or three glasses) and eating the “appetizer”, we decided to split an entree as the portions were way bigger than we expected after looking at our neighboring tables. We went for the Chicken and Waffle and paid the small split plate fee for the sake of convenience. Much to our surprise, even having the half of this dish seemed like a huge portion. To give you a better visual, the plate in the picture below is a large plate and the waffle took up the entire width of it. Again, the chicken was amazing. It was incredibly flavorful and the honey sriracha sauce was a pleasant surprise after assuming that it would be too spicy and it turned out to be more sweet than anything. Now imagine that on top of a drowned in syrup, fluffy waffle and you’re in Brunch Heaven. By this time, 3 mimosas had heightened my senses but with or without alcohol this is most definitely a dish worth coming back for.

Harolds_Nancy Sparkles_2Harolds_Nancy Sparkles

Overall, the food was worth the price and the service was impeccable. I don’t brunch every weekend, but Harold’s is definitely a restaurant I’d make the excuse to do so more often. For all of you Brunch Veterans, do you have any suggestions? I’m mainly looking for places in Midtown so I can just walk there, but also down for other places in Montrose or The Heights.

Needless to say that I’m seriously happy to be back. Until next time loves. ✨

One thought on “Anniversary at Harold’s in the Heights + Quick Life Update

  1. Love love this post! To answer your question, when I’m feeling in sort of a blogger rut I unplug from everything. I go for a walk, cup of coffee somewhere away from home or a glass of good red wine. Usually Antidote or Tout Suite and I just reflect on everything the current week brought. It gives me gratitude and usually brings forth ideas on what to write about next.

    Love your blog! Looking forward to reading more!


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