Why You Need To Be OK With Not Being OK

nancysparklesIn the realms of entering adulthood, I’ve learned some of the best and worst life lessons that have opened my eyes in more ways than one. I graduated college, lost a best friend, gained more friends, got a full-time position doing what I love, my relationship was tested various times and I got a dog! I’d say that life has been a roller coaster, but it really feels more like the tower of doom when I’m in my highest of moods and then the lowest within a second. While going through all of this, I was struggling with the idea that I wasn’t in control of my mood and attitude. It bothered me more and more as time went on because I was always the type of person who wasn’t really emotional, got everything and anything that needed to get done and had fun when she felt like it. There were no boundaries, nor were there things stopping me from enjoying college the way I wanted.

Once my graduation date creeped up, the stress hit me like a train and I “thought” I lost control of where I was headed. I didn’t have a job yet and in my mind that was probably the most heartbreaking thought considering that I thought that I had done everything right. I was involved in organizations and held positions that were in PR, I interned for a non-profit and an agency and I even had a part time job in a marketing department. In my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking “Where did I go wrong and what else could I have done?” By August, I toned myself down a couple of notches and decided to intern once more until I found the perfect fit at a company I could work full-time. I got an amazing opportunity to intern at PaperCity Magazine, a pretty huge fashion mag in the Houston area, and was able to practice what I loved doing the most, write. While it wasn’t social media, I still appreciated the fact that all of my pieces were published and saw it as a huge boost for my resume. In the midst of working through the madness of the fashion industry, I got a job as a Social Media Executive for a digital agency! Things were finally settling into their place and to make things better, I had just moved in with my boyfriend and got our corgi Tino soon after. Life was great.

Long story short, life still had it’s downs and ups even after what seemed like wave of amazing news. One of the biggest lessons that I learned through the entirety of that experience was knowing how to be OK with not being OK. I had to be fine with the fact that not everything in my life was under my control. When things got bad, I just really had to believe that everything would turn great again eventually, and whether it happened right then and there or weeks later it will be OK.  I began to embracing every change that came my way and I started taking control of something I actually could: my emotions. Overall, I became a happier person and the type of person that I never thought I’d get back. Life is crazy, but I love it now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is what it is and what it isn’t.

Have you ever struggled with dealing with changes in your life? You’re not the only one. I hope this post somewhat helps you in figuring things out through the ups and downs that come with our lives. Just remember that through all of the good and bad, everything will be OK. ?

8 thoughts on “Why You Need To Be OK With Not Being OK

  1. I’m almost 30 and change still scares the crap out of me! Thanks for sharing this. I think everyone needs to be reminded that it always gets better. SO nice to know we’re not alone.

  2. Loved this quote!

    Life is crazy, but I love it now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is what it is and what it isn’t.

    So beautiful!

    I am definitely going through a period of change in my life – but it’s always a good thing to do something new!

    Love it!

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