Beauty on the Go: My Favorite Products for a Minimal Face

minimal-makeup-products-15_nancy-sparklesToday is just one of those days where last minute errands need to be done and I’m finding myself with only 10 minutes to quickly brush my hair, put a little bit of makeup and run out the door. I’ve always been one to literally make the time to look decent even on trips to the grocery store. In my world, the saying: “you never know who you’re going to bump into”, is always one that I have lived by. I don’t necessarily go full-face glam with color correcting or baking, but I moreso prioritize my brows, lashes and lips. Keep reading to get a quick look of my beauty on the go process and some of my favorite products for a minimal face.

To start off, I quickly wash my face with First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser and quickly moisturize right after to help retain the moisture in my skin. I then prime my face with Smashbox’s Photo Finish-Pore Minimizing Primer to finish up prepping my skin. I love this primer mainly because I really do see a noticeable difference in my pores after application. It truly does give your skin that smoothing effect that makes foundation application so much more flawless. Another huge bonus is that it also does a really good job of controlling my extremely oily skin throughout the day. With this product on, I usually just blot once a day which already is a huge improvement from past years where I was literally blotting 3 hours after application. As if I haven’t raved about it enough, you don’t even need to use that much! A little bit goes a long way if you’re only applying to your t-zone area like I do. The photo below shows just how little I use, but everyone has different skin so feel free to use less/more if need be!


Once everything is settled into my skin, I grab my damp Real Techniques sponge, put a little BB cream on it and quickly press it into my skin for a fast, yet flawless application. I love using this technique of applying with a damp sponge because although it doesn’t give you instant full coverage, the foundation just applies beautifully on my skin and it diminishes the problem of accidentally caking up your makeup. I have always loved brightening up my face no matter the look that I’m going for, so after applying my BB cream I go in with my Maybelline Better Skin concealer in the shade Light/Medium and really disperse it in all the areas where I want my skin to have an inner glow. This product gives me just the right boost in coverage all while lightening up the high points of my skin so my face can have some sort of dimension since a quick 10 minute routine doesn’t give you the time to contour or highlight. Quick tip: if you have issues with really getting your concealer to cover up the fine lines under your eyes, I highly recommend looking up and patting your damp sponge on there like there’s no tomorrow. This usually takes me an extra minute, but seriously just taking the time to really blend things out makes the biggest difference in the little details. Finally, I set my under-eyes with my Coty Airspun powder and the rest of my face with a powder foundation and big fluffy brush to avoid cakiness.

minimal-makeup-products-9_nancy-sparklesminimal-makeup-products-8_nancy-sparkles minimal-makeup-products-7_nancy-sparkles

Just to give my eyes a little oomph today I quickly brush on Smarty Pants in the crease and Firecracker on the lid from my Tartelette in Bloom palette. Since I still have my lash extensions on, I don’t have to apply mascara which is a huge timesaver for occasions like these when I’m in a time crunch. Anyone else take their sweet time on their lashes and before you know it you have literally spent 20 minutes on them? Yup, that was me. Thanks to Amazing Lash Studios, my time saved on my lashes has given me more time to go through this 10 minute on the go look without feeling rushed! Wrapping things up, I quickly carve out and fill my brows with Milani’s Brow Fix Kit and set them with Anastasia’s Brow Gel. I usually take my time with this step just because your brows really frame your face and believe it or not, make a huge difference in your overall look.


Finally, I apply any pinky lipstick that I have on hand and I’m ready to go! I know it may seem like a lot, but once you make this a routine, you will literally have muscle memory and crunch down this routine to 10 minutes at least! If you have an extra minute or so, I also like to give my hair some life by using any dry shampoo and tease parts of my hair just to tone down my bedhead.

What are your favorite products for a minimal, on the go look? If you have any tips, let me know! Shop and learn more about the products I used for this look below! ✨



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