Anniversary at Harold’s in the Heights + Quick Life Update

Brunch at Harold's

Oh, how I missed this. Putting my fingers to a keyboard knowing that I’m about to write things that I love and that truly make me happy outside of my job. While my job is a huge part of my life, this past month I took some time to reflect that I needed to realize that it wasn’t my entire life. I get to come home to a wonderful boyfriend, my cute little corgi and to a home that is literally down the street and in the heart of Houston. Lately everything was fogged and my tunnel vision of keeping my job my number one priority secluded me from even thinking that I had the time to write here. I did have the time, but I didn’t find the motivation to “put a pen to paper” and let it all out. I had to remind myself that while I am lucky to have the job that I have, I should still appreciate the other aspects of my life.Read More

Organizing My Life

Organizing My Life1Mondays have always been my peak point of productivity. These are my days to plan, analyze and get myself prepared for the work week. During college, I was the girl who carried around her Lilly Pulitzer agenda everywhere she went. I filled it with every single school assignment, work commitments and personal events that I had on my plate. Throughout the years, I refined the way I organized what was a hectic lifestyle and now that things have changed, I have found other ways of organizing my life. Back then I had school, SGA, an internship and my job to juggle. Now I have my blog, a full-time job and my personal life which is probably just as complicated but in a different way that made it easier to find a good balance for each one. Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I give myself the boost that I need at the beginning of every week to keep me productive until Sunday.

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Kick Starting My New Healthy Lifestyle

kick starting healthy lifestyleAfter months of contemplating about writing this post, I finally feel comfortable talking about this crazy journey of mine. It all started with college and ended with a lifestyle change. I am now at the one month mark of creating and accepting a change that has allowed me to focus on taking care of myself. Before I share with you some of the tips that have helped me with kick starting my new healthy lifestyle, here’s a bit of background on where it all started.

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Why You Need To Be OK With Not Being OK

nancysparklesIn the realms of entering adulthood, I’ve learned some of the best and worst life lessons that have opened my eyes in more ways than one. I graduated college, lost a best friend, gained more friends, got a full-time position doing what I love, my relationship was tested various times and I got a dog! I’d say that life has been a roller coaster, but it really feels more like the tower of doom when I’m in my highest of moods and then the lowest within a second. While going through all of this, I was struggling with the idea that I wasn’t in control of my mood and attitude. It bothered me more and more as time went on because I was always the type of person who wasn’t really emotional, got everything and anything that needed to get done and had fun when she felt like it. There were no boundaries, nor were there things stopping me from enjoying college the way I wanted.

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Apps That I’m Loving Right Now

App_Nancy Sparkles

If there’s anyone here who’s guilty of spending a little too much time in front of their phone screen, it’s definitely me. I’m always on the hunt to find the next best app to make my life easier. Late last year, I made the transition from my Kate Spade agenda to the Calendar app. As painful as that was, the outcome of the transition turned out beautifully convenient in more ways that one. Ever since the paper to digital change, I’ve found several apps that I’ve fallen in love with and couldn’t live without on a day-to-day basis. Along the way I have also discovered some pretty useful (and some fun) apps that have made their place in my app folders for a good while. If you’re looking for a new one to discover or on your way to the paper to digital transition, give some of these a try!

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Monday Sparkles- February 16

I’m so excited to finally reveal the new Nancy Sparkles!!! After a few months of thought bouncing, I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest some money into the design of my blog! I created a space that I truly love and made me excited to write on. In my eyes, my blog is like my desk. Writing/working on a well put-together desk puts me in a better state-of-mind than struggling to find my comfort spot on a poorly-made one. Now that my blog is finally done, it’s time to get to writing. Of course, I had to write a Monday Sparkles post for the celebratory occasion of my redesign! Check out some of my other magical moments and an inspirational find to start the week off with good vibes. ??

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My IKEA VITTSJÖ Coffee Table Hack

One boyfriend, several hours of research, 4 hours to paint until sundown and we got ourselves an IKEA VITTSJÖ Coffee Table Hack. As many of you know, I was in the process of moving for the past few weeks and unfortunately did not find the time to jot any blog posts down throughout the madness of the process. As sad as it was for me to let go of blogging for a few weeks, I was extremely excited about having a beautiful place with endless possibilities of better photos and post ideas. I anticipated the type motivation that would keep me inspired to continue writing and it’s exactly what I got and more. It’s not hard to believe that the environment that you live in affects your daily aspirations to do what you love. Now that I’m back and with lots of posts in queue, here’s my first one. I hacked IKEA’s Vittsjö nesting tables by painting it a beautiful gold color to embellish my new living room.

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2 Netflix Series Worth Binging

As many of you know, Carlos and I will be moving into our new place in Midtown really soon and due to this big move we’re on a pretty strict budget. Our Friday nights out have shifted to cuddle time with Tino and my handy dandy Netflix account. Here’s a few shows that I fell in love with and recommend everyone to watch when they feel like binging the night away.

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