Comfy Casual for School and Work

Comfy Casual Outfit

Are you currently in the middle of midterms or on a project deadline and the last thing you want to think about is what you’ll be wearing for the day? Back when I was in college, I was always all about the comfy casual look. As long as I had one less thing to worry about during midterms or finals season, I would be solid. Nowadays, project deadlines, blog posts and the occasional adult responsibilities have me reminiscing the same type stress. To help me relax, staying in a comfy casual look usually helps. Check out my latest look for everyone who is currently going through midterms season or have huge end-of-the-year project deadlines coming up!

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Best part? This super comfy maroon drapey tee is currently on sale for less than $13! Just pair it with any black pants/joggers, cute choker and flats and you’re good to go! My favorite part about this entire outfit is my Pixie Mood backpack that I picked up from Original Wear! Having already fallen in love with their cork line, this piece did not disappoint one bit. As a 100% vegan bag, the material felt really durable and pretty much ready for anything that I’ll throw in it. The pop of purple on the inside was the best surprise along with how well the laptop compartment was padded. As always, the cork feels incredibly genuine and natural so you will have to watch where that part lays, but overall this backpack is sturdy enough to take some wear and tear on where it’s placed. If you’re a low-maintenance girl like me, you’ll also appreciate this look for days when you have to run out the door. What do you wear when you’re on a time crunch? Let me know!

Shop the look I’m wearing and other comfy casual pieces below!




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