HUGE Life Announcement!


Big things are fastly approaching. I haven’t posted as consistently as I usually do because I’ve been currently processing a huge life change that’s coming up. My boyfriend is graduating college in just a few weeks and the holidays are just around the corner. Oh and there’s one more thing…keep reading to read all about the BIG NEWS!

I AM MOVING TO AUSTIN! No matter how times I write it, say it and shout it, it still hasn’t hit me that I’ll soon be moving 3 hours away from a city that has been my home ever since I can remember. How soon? The day after New Years Day soon. I know and yes it’s been incredibly stressful to even think about. I’m in the process of finding a place to live and we’ll soon be packing and scheduling our movers. While I do have a super lengthy to-do list for this huge move, I will keep updating Nancy Sparkles as much as possible with my Sparkly Gift Guides and more! I also couldn’t be prouder of my boyfriend, Carlos for accepting an amazing job offer with a Fortune 10 company that I know he’s going grow and develop his skills at. I’m so excited for this new chapter in our life, in a new city and with burning ambitions.


It’s been a crazy few weeks of processing the news, but now that it’s crunch time I’ve been non-stop looking for places to live and quietly procrastinating pulling out the moving boxes to start the packing process all over again. If you have any apartment complex suggestions or any foodie/adventure recommendations that I should add to my hit list, let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “HUGE Life Announcement!

  1. Girl! I am so excited that you are moving here! It’s going to be great having another Latina blogger in Austin! I will message you in a bit with my number so I can give you a few names of apartments I have lived at. Congrats to your boyfriend!! That is so exciting! We need to meet up as soon as you are settled in. Congrats again!

  2. Congrats! Moving to a new city is fun and exciting. You’re going to have a great time finding new beautiful places and meeting interesting people. I’ve moved SO many times–wish I was on my 1st major move! I know this is probably a little late in the game, but I’ve used UPack the last couple times I moved and it made life much easier. Just packed all my stuff in the cube and they were picked up and delivered once I found my new apt.
    I have extended family in Austin but haven’t visited in years. I can’t say how these places are now, but back then they were pretty good! Coffee: Houndstooth Coffee or Cafe Medici
    Cocktails: Half Step, Weather Up, Searsucker
    Beer/Bars: The Ginger Man, Easy Tiger, HandleBar

    Good luck & Godspeed!

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