My Lash Extension Experience at Amazing Lash Studio

lash extension experience- Nancy SparklesMy eye makeup routine has always been primer, shadow, liner and finally mascara. From what used to be a whole 20 minutes spent on my eyes, it now take 5-8 minutes to get a beautiful eye look after visiting Amazing Lash Studio-Atascosita. I always played around with the thought of getting lash extensions, but considering how big of a financial commitment it would be, I always second guessed it when I was ready to pull the trigger. Thanks to Amazing Lash Studio, I finally got to experience this amazing lash makeover that beauty aficionados swear by! Keep reading to get a full scope of my first lash extension experience.

lash extension experience - Nancy Sparkles

lash extension experience- Nancy Sparkles

From the moment you walk in, you feel an instant sense of relaxation almost reminiscing of the same feeling you get when you walk into a spa. You’re then greeted by the front desk and asked to fill out the new visitor survey that will help your lash stylist get a good idea of your current lash upkeep/habits. This is especially important because it’ll also let them know if you may have any allergies with their adhesive. One of the best things I loved about Amazing Lash Studio is the ability to choose the “style” of lash extensions that you wish to get. They currently offer the styles: Natural, Cute, Sexy and Gorgeous along with the option of asking for specialty lashes which are Volume, Solid Color and Two Toned. Of course, I instantly gravitated towards the Gorgeous lashes to get the fullest look that I could possibly get.

lash extension experience- Nancy Sparkles lash extension experience- Nancy Sparkles

Amazing Lash Studio-Atascosita paired me with their master stylist, Michelle who instantly understood exactly what I wanted. The main thing that I was looking for was fullness and just an overall instant boost in length. Also, I do want to mention that asking for the master stylist may cost you a bit more, but it’s completely worth it as they’re the stylists with the most experience in lash extension procedures. Overall, my experience with Michelle was extremely calming and she was also kind enough to talk to me throughout the procedure about lash care and educate me more about lash extensions. You simply just lay on the bed and let the application take it’s course. Bonus: taking a nap is socially acceptable while your stylist works her magic on you! When you receive a full-set, the process usually lasts about an hour, but Michelle’s technique was a lot speedier than the expected time. Afterwards, she quickly reminded me of a few aftercare tips and walked me out to the lobby. The entire staff was extremely welcoming, the service was relaxing and I honestly can’t say enough good things about my overall lash extension experience!

lash extension experience- Nancy Sparkles

Here’s a few takeaways after living with my new lash extensions for two weeks:

  • You do not need to wear mascara. At all. Seriously, not even a quick swipe. Their lashes are already so dark and to make it better, their adhesive is also black as night. Just let your new lashes do all the talking!
  • You have to use oil-free products on and around your eyes. The adhesive becomes vulnerable to breaking down if it comes in contact to oil-based products so make sure to buy as many water based eye products/makeup removers as you can before you get them done. I’ve loved using Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover to wipe off my eyeshadow and makeup around my eyes to also avoid my eye area while using makeup wipes when removing my foundations and concealer.
  • The first 48 hours you must avoid getting your lashes wet! The adhesive is still working it’s magic in settling in and forming a strong bond with your lashes that even water can break down the sealing process. I just decided not to wear eyeshadow or eyeliner for a few days which was easier than I thought because my lashes were already making a statement themselves.
  • How long do they last? You’re supposed to get refills every 3 weeks, but it’s completely up to the person and how good they care for their lashes.
  • One of the most amazing benefits from getting my lashes done is not having to wear eyeliner to make my eyes pop! I used to slay that wing liner like there was no tomorrow, but now my lashes make all of my shadows pop without taking away from the look.

lash extension experience- Nancy Sparkles

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Pssst! Currently, new clients get their first full set for $79.99. However, they’re offering my readers an extra $10 OFF if you show them this post! Only redeemable at the Atascosita location off of FM1960. 

If you have any questions about Amazing Lash Studio or just my lash extension experience so far, just ask me in the comments below!


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