Monday Sparkles- May 23

Monday Sparkles (2)
When I’m winding down the day I like to sit back, relax and take the time to read articles that I “want” to read. While my guilty pleasure does consist of celebrity gossip and silly Buzzfeed articles, I do also make it a point to keep up with industry news, self-development reads and overall articles that will keep me on my toes with what’s going on in the world beyond Hollywood. I decided to kick this Monday Sparkles up a notch by adding in a few self-help, professional reads that are worth sharing to those who can easily relate.

The Stupid, Avoidable Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave This. This was probably what enticed me to switch things up a little for today’s roundup.  Every single sentence from this article hit home to how it really is for a lot of professionals in the creative field. Creatives, like myself, know how we work well and how we don’t. There’s so many circumstances where, surprisingly, one’s own office burns their creativity and potential for great work. Sometimes it’s hard to explain these issues to anyone, but the author of this article hit the hammer on the nail with this brutally honest read.

40 Things I Wish I Could Travel Back in Time and Tell Myself– As I was reading through this list, my mind was put into perspective in more ways than one. This last month I had a revelation on the importance of cherishing all aspects of my life beyond just my job and realizing that that’s ok. I’m 22 years old and I’m still figuring out life as we know it, but I can’t help but to be thankful for self-reflection reads such as this one that make me feel like I’m not alone in the process.

7 Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom So Much Cleaner This Week– Random, but so necessary. A little late to the Spring Cleaning game, but slowly but surely it will all come together (I hope). Buzzfeed’s hacks on taking extra steps to make your bathroom a little cleaner are sure enough going to come in handy.

Celebrating the Happiest of Birthdays!-  My boyfriend, Carlos, turned 24 years old last week and it was truly a birthday for the books. I made reservations at Pappas Bros Steakhouse and we were both treated like a million bucks. Everything from the appetizer to the dessert was breathtakingly good. More importantly, he enjoyed the entire experience and had a birthday dinner worth remembering. If you’re looking for a great steakhouse for a special event, I definitely recommend this one.

25 New Books You Need to Read this Summer As we’re approaching the hotter days, a poolside book and cocktail sounds incredibly relaxing. If you’re looking for your next summer read, this roundup of new books that will be coming out soon has a little bit of everything for everyone.

What’s your latest sparkle moment? Let me know below! Until next time loves ✨

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