My Take on Mustard

My Take on Mustard

Oh mustard. A color I never expected to like, but ended up loving…of course. I’ve never been a fan of the deeper/browner yellow hues, not on me anyways. Not until one day I decided to be adventurous on a casual trip to the mall and try it on for the sake of the seasonal colors that dawned every storefront. Surely enough, I loved it. It also didn’t help that I now have red hair which complements the mustard beautifully. Goodbyes were definitely in order to my long life beliefs of thinking this color would ever suit me. Keep reading for more on my take on mustard!


I love wearing matte gold accessories with this dress because it complements the mustard color without overpowering it. This is definitely one of those colors that you want to stand out in and not over accessorize.



I found these super cute basket weave booties at Target! Like I just mentioned, I didn’t want to over accessorize because of how bold the color is, so I thought these booties seamed my entire look perfectly! Overall, I loved taking this cute mustard dress to a grungier level with the black leather booties and purse and matte gold earrings. When you find beautiful colors like mustard and don’t want to overpower them, try to find accessories that complement the look and not “make” the look.


The dress, the color, the accessories are all getting me excited for fall! Shop my outfit and more on my take on mustard below!



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