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Organizing My Life1Mondays have always been my peak point of productivity. These are my days to plan, analyze and get myself prepared for the work week. During college, I was the girl who carried around her Lilly Pulitzer agenda everywhere she went. I filled it with every single school assignment, work commitments and personal events that I had on my plate. Throughout the years, I refined the way I organized what was a hectic lifestyle and now that things have changed, I have found other ways of organizing my life. Back then I had school, SGA, an internship and my job to juggle. Now I have my blog, a full-time job and my personal life which is probably just as complicated but in a different way that made it easier to find a good balance for each one. Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I give myself the boost that I need at the beginning of every week to keep me productive until Sunday.

Make It Visual. When I was in college, I consolidated everything into my agenda. Nowadays, I keep the different parts of my life separated with either my Google calendar or my Kate Spade agenda. In an earlier blog post I mentioned that I decided to switch over to a digital calendar rather than my physical for the sake of convenience. While it has been working out, I decided to use my Kate Spade agenda for all of my blog stuff. It has given me a visual way of holding myself accountable to getting stuff done specifically for Nancy Sparkles. I’ve always been a visual learner and this method has definitely helped me with staying in check with what needs to get done for work and for my blog. All of my notes also have some sort of color. I like colorful stuff, it’s my thing and it’s a non-negotiable when it comes to staying motivated and focused on my to-do lists.

Have Fun. Find your “thing.” What inspires you? What keeps you going throughout the day? Is it colorful stationary or just the simple rush of striking things off your to-do list?  Find the little things that give you a sense of adrenaline and go with it. Don’t bore yourself with something you don’t want to do. The best way to get started with finding your organization process is to really identify what’s more important to you. “Getting shit done” has always been my motto and I love having fun with it. The satisfaction of creating goals for myself and in the style that I like is what keeps me motivated to meet them and more.

NancySparkles_Organizing my life

Make Your Goals Achievable. To be more specific, keep them realistic. Don’t over promise and always over deliver. Personally, I like to make my goals measurable and attainable for the week, while my long-term goals focus more on the bigger picture and are usually an estimated range of numbers with a minimum and maximum. I’m a numbers girl, I love the idea of measuring my progress and throughout the years I have relied on this method more because that’s how I can analyze my social media campaigns and overall activity for my job.

Find a Routine. I love making my Mondays my “goals” day. I like spending the time to look at what worked last week, how I’m going to approach this week and setting personal and work-related goals afterwards. However, if that day would work better on a Sunday for you, go for it. If you like setting goals as you go through the week, that works too. Just keep yourself in a routine and after a few weeks, it’ll become almost like muscle memory. I’ve also noticed that as I keep myself aligned to my routine, the more I’m looking to improve.

What are some of the ways that keeps you in check with your goals throughout the week? Do you prefer A to Z organization or do you work better with controlled chaos? I’d love to know what works for you in the comments! Until next time loves ?

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