A Sparkly Gift Guide: for the #GirlBoss

Sparkly Gift Guide

I’m so excited to announce my first of the many Sparkly Gift Guides to come this holiday season! In this series of guides I’ll be showing you gifts personalized for every unique person in your life. From the wine lover to the techie, I’ll be rounding up some of my fave picks perfect for every budget. To kick-off my Sparkly Gift Guide series, I rounded up some of the most fabulous gifts for the #GirlBoss in your life. A #GirlBoss, defined by Nasty Gal’s founder Sophia Amoruso, is someone who “…is in charge of her own life”. Whether if she’s on the run or crunching down emails at 6 a.m. we all admire her drive and ambition. She may be always busy, but she’ll drop anything for the ones she loves. Keep reading for more on my favorite picks for your favorite #GirlBoss!

Sparkly Gift Guide_ Nancy Sparkles


  1. While this year I did make the transition to a digital calendar, having my planner around still came in handy in cases where I had to double and triple check my availability. I’ve used Kate Spade agendas for about 2 years and they are my all time favorite because of the cleaner design.
  2. Who said earphones need to be black and boring? Get this Merkury Innovations white/rose gold pair to give you a pop of chic.
  3. Stop carrying your business cards in an endless purse pocket and keep them together in a polished business card holder. Engraved with a cheeky saying and you’re all set!
  4. Every #GirlBoss needs a statement piece of art in her office. Considering they “slay” all day, every day, how much more appropriate can you get?
  5. I mean, can it get even more true than this? There’s millions of mugs out there that speak for themselves, but this one just takes the cake on what we wake up saying every morning.
  6. Waste one less second taking your phone out your purse (5 if you have to look for it) and get your favorite #girlboss a chic and modern watch to check the time on the go while still looking fab.


20 thoughts on “A Sparkly Gift Guide: for the #GirlBoss

  1. A good mug is my favorite thing ever. No. Scratch that. I have 4 kids…a good mug filled with coffee that states how I feel about the beginning of any day is my favorite thing ever!!

  2. Oh, I love everything on this list!!! I need a business card holder so bad. Right now I just keep mine in my purse and they always get bent -not very professional. We do a gift exchange in my office and I’m definitely going to ask for one (and maybe for that coffee mug and watch too, haha)

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