January Beauty Favorites | 2017

January beauty favorites

Hey y’all! Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that I haven’t talked about the beauty products I’m loving as much as I’ve wanted to. To start connecting with my readers more, I’ve decided to start a monthly series where I talk about what makeup/skincare I’m loving! Next to following me on Instagram, this is one of the best ways for me to show you everything that I’ve also been testing out and keeping in my collection! Keep reading for more on January Beauty Favorites of 2017!

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Current Nail Favorite-Essie Gel Couture Review

Essie Gel Couture Review

Quick & easy are the two things that I rate my nail polishes on. I’m always finding myself having to go somewhere as soon as I’m done painting my nails. So I’m usually fully-dependent on how fast my nails dry to determine when I can leave the house. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty impatient and I’m not one to really wait until my nails are 100% dry so I can get started on whatever I have to run out the door for. I’ve tried multiple fast-drying top coats and none of them have really dried fast enough. Even when they did, I wouldn’t get the finish that I was looking for. Finally, after many failed attempts at finding the right top coat, I found exactly what I was looking for. Keep reading for my review on the Essie Gel Couture and why it’s my current nail favorite!

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