The Importance of Self-Love

The Importance of Self-Love- Nancy Sparkles

It’s a defining moment in all of our lives. That moment when you realize that “taking care of yourself” is something that you should actually take seriously. That moment when you start looking at the expression “take care” quite literally. It’s that time when you finally decided to look back on your life and have several come-to-jesus moments of self-reflection. 2017 (so far) has been that moment for me. I let go of a past that I didn’t want defining me anymore and decided to “take care” of myself. It’s a little odd for me to sum up this year considering it’s only July, but who makes these rules right? 2017 was (and still is) the year of Self-Love.

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Why You Need To Be OK With Not Being OK

nancysparklesIn the realms of entering adulthood, I’ve learned some of the best and worst life lessons that have opened my eyes in more ways than one. I graduated college, lost a best friend, gained more friends, got a full-time position doing what I love, my relationship was tested various times and I got a dog! I’d say that life has been a roller coaster, but it really feels more like the tower of doom when I’m in my highest of moods and then the lowest within a second. While going through all of this, I was struggling with the idea that I wasn’t in control of my mood and attitude. It bothered me more and more as time went on because I was always the type of person who wasn’t really emotional, got everything and anything that needed to get done and had fun when she felt like it. There were no boundaries, nor were there things stopping me from enjoying college the way I wanted.

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