Keeping Your Fire Going As a Blogger


Keeping Your Fire Going As a Blogger_Nancy Sparkles

We all know that life comes with the really highs and really lows. As a blogger though, how do we deal with that? It’s only natural that when we’re on a high our creativity spikes, and when we’re low the last thing we want to do is write a word down. Breaks are ok, I may even say that they’re a necessity. Whether if it’s for a week or two or three, wouldn’t you much rather put high-quality content up instead of a post you whipped up for the sake of getting content up? When I started Nancy Sparkles, I made a promise to myself to never give up quality over quantity. I see the temptation all the time when it comes to convenience and stats, but that’s just not me and the way I want to put content out for my readers. When life gives you the lows, how do you bounce back from that? How do you keep that creativity thriving through it all? In this post I’m going to show you how I keep my fire going as a blogger and what helps me come back like nothing ever happened!

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Monday Sparkles- May 23

Monday Sparkles (2)
When I’m winding down the day I like to sit back, relax and take the time to read articles that I “want” to read. While my guilty pleasure does consist of celebrity gossip and silly Buzzfeed articles, I do also make it a point to keep up with industry news, self-development reads and overall articles that will keep me on my toes with what’s going on in the world beyond Hollywood. I decided to kick this Monday Sparkles up a notch by adding in a few self-help, professional reads that are worth sharing to those who can easily relate.

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Organizing My Life

Organizing My Life1Mondays have always been my peak point of productivity. These are my days to plan, analyze and get myself prepared for the work week. During college, I was the girl who carried around her Lilly Pulitzer agenda everywhere she went. I filled it with every single school assignment, work commitments and personal events that I had on my plate. Throughout the years, I refined the way I organized what was a hectic lifestyle and now that things have changed, I have found other ways of organizing my life. Back then I had school, SGA, an internship and my job to juggle. Now I have my blog, a full-time job and my personal life which is probably just as complicated but in a different way that made it easier to find a good balance for each one. Today I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I give myself the boost that I need at the beginning of every week to keep me productive until Sunday.

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