The Importance of Self-Love

The Importance of Self-Love- Nancy Sparkles

It’s a defining moment in all of our lives. That moment when you realize that “taking care of yourself” is something that you should actually take seriously. That moment when you start looking at the expression “take care” quite literally. It’s that time when you finally decided to look back on your life and have several come-to-jesus moments of self-reflection. 2017 (so far) has been that moment for me. I let go of a past that I didn’t want defining me anymore and decided to “take care” of myself. It’s a little odd for me to sum up this year considering it’s only July, but who makes these rules right? 2017 was (and still is) the year of Self-Love.

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Comfy Casual for School and Work

Comfy Casual Outfit

Are you currently in the middle of midterms or on a project deadline and the last thing you want to think about is what you’ll be wearing for the day? Back when I was in college, I was always all about the comfy casual look. As long as I had one less thing to worry about during midterms or finals season, I would be solid. Nowadays, project deadlines, blog posts and the occasional adult responsibilities have me reminiscing the same type stress. To help me relax, staying in a comfy casual look usually helps. Check out my latest look for everyone who is currently going through midterms season or have huge end-of-the-year project deadlines coming up!

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Summer Pops of Pink

Summer Pops of Pink_Nancy Sparkles_6 We’re slowly but surely getting into the hotter degrees of the infamous Texas heat. As the temperature goes up, so do our skirt length in hopes that we can bear with the heat even through the short walk from the parking lot to the front door. Ask anyone, I am literally the worst person when it comes to staying sane in this Houston humidity. The stickiness has always been my biggest pet peeve during these hotter months, so much that I create a very specific work wardrobe that consists of 90% dresses and 10% skirts. My main concern is always comfort; I need to wear fabric that’s breathable and in shorter words: not tight. Today I’m showing you all one of my favorite outfits for when I have a day full of meetings or if I’ll be running around town during the workday. Adding summer pops of pink is the perfect way to give your outfit that sparkle factor.

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Playing With Emeralds This Summer

Green Dress 3_ Nancy Sparkles copy

As we’re heading into those hot Houston summer days (ignoring the current rainy situation), I’m ready to start busting out my colorful wardrobe. One of my most favorite colors that I love wearing is Emerald. Not only does it complement my skin tone so well, but I find that this color always makes me glow from within. As a confidence and mood booster, this J.Crew Daybreak Dress fits comfortably enough to be dressed up or down for any casual and special event.

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Anniversary at Harold’s in the Heights + Quick Life Update

Brunch at Harold's

Oh, how I missed this. Putting my fingers to a keyboard knowing that I’m about to write things that I love and that truly make me happy outside of my job. While my job is a huge part of my life, this past month I took some time to reflect that I needed to realize that it wasn’t my entire life. I get to come home to a wonderful boyfriend, my cute little corgi and to a home that is literally down the street and in the heart of Houston. Lately everything was fogged and my tunnel vision of keeping my job my number one priority secluded me from even thinking that I had the time to write here. I did have the time, but I didn’t find the motivation to “put a pen to paper” and let it all out. I had to remind myself that while I am lucky to have the job that I have, I should still appreciate the other aspects of my life.Read More